Household Uses

In 2004 we made an important adjustment to the formula of GMS polish, by removing or lowering chemical concentrations and altering active ingredients we came up with a product with improved cleaning performance and a reduced impact on the environment.

By going from a kerosene based product to a silicone based product GMS polish has become partially water soluble, micro fiber cloth can be used to remove the polish and our bottle is recyclable. GMS polish is a non –abrasive cleaner that does not contain harsh ingredients such as chlorine, ammonia or phosphates and does not get washed down the drain! Our bottles are filled by a non-mechanical gravity drain and fill system.

In today's environmentally challenged world, we have to become more conscious of the public's needs. We are very proud that we are doing our part. GMS products does care about where we live and how we will live in the future.